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Clip Grip for Running

Hydration is essential in all athletic endeavors, however it is particularly important during cardio while the body has an elevated heart rate and is losing water.

Replenishing the lost fluids with water or electrolyte-containing sports drinks can optimize hydration when sips are taken as dictated by your thirst.

The easiest way to do this would be to bring water with you, as water fountains or convenience stores aren't reliable or efficient methods of obtaining fluids. Despite this, grasping water bottles while running can cause an imbalance in the upper body and results in an inefficient stride. Gripping on to a container causes forearm contraction, which proceed to spread into the upper arm.

This phenomena causes blood to be distributed to the arms rather than the legs, causing a less enjoyable run, or causing more overall pain. Many serious competitive runners know that training is as much of a mental game as it is physical. Limiting forearm contractions allows you to allocate blood to areas needed the most, and allows you to push yourself further and make it suck less in the process.

We can't promise that Clip Grip will shave minutes off your marathon time, but reducing forearm contractions certainly improves overall efficiency.

You'll be able to attach a convenient handle to any of your existing containers and take it on your run while reducing the need for arm contractions.

We're launching on Kickstarter on January 10th. Make sure to join our mailing list or messenger service if you're interested in optimizing your running!

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