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Branding & Partnerships

Since launching, we've received several requests for custom colors or text placement on Clip Grip. We have partnered with over 20 bars, retirement homes, clinics, and venues to provide custom Clip Grip handles.

So what are you key selling points?


  • Clip Grip fits any container
  • Makes any drink easier to hold
  • It's fun, intriguing, and an impulse purchase


What customizations you able to offer?

We can cater Clip Grips to align with your color scheme and brand. We offer:

  • Custom Silicone Color selection
  • Custom Clasp Color
  • Custom Text (printed on silicone). Include sayings, slogans, etc.
  • Logo and image placement (size dependent)

How will Clip Grip impact my business?

  • Brand your existing containers
  • Use as an upsell for cocktails and drinks
  • Gift store trinket
  • Perfect giveaway or prize for events
  • Impulse buy 
  • Membership or VIP table perk

Who can use Clip Grip?

Any business or organization that serves beverages or requires health-related benefits of an ergonomic container handle. This includes:

  • Venues, stadiums, and arenas
  • Sporting events
  • Clubs, bars, and restaraunts
  • Entertainment, Events, and Wedding Planning groups
  • Casinos
  • Gift stores
  • Hospitals, PT Clinics, and rehabilitation centers
  • Retirement homes, elderly care facilities

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Justin@clipgrip.fun.