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About Us

We originally invented Clip Grip as a fun drinking accessory. In Summer 2017 it seemed like everyone was drinking out of jars. Jars on the beach, jars on the lake, jars at the bars.

Snapchat and Instagram were loaded with photos just like these. The more scenic, the better.

My roommate and I will buy 2-4 jars per week and will typically save all of them. We moved in together without any drinkware, and now our cabinets are stocked with various salsa and sauce jars!

Combining our excess of jars with the general trend of the society, I went to look for jar attachments- but the search came up negative. Drawing on my experience with silicone manufacturing, we were able to use existing suppliers and our development team to create something that works with jars, beers, and basically any container. 


We initially wanted to market Clip Grip towards people that drink beer and alcohol and loved mason jars. Interestingly enough, people with neurological disorders and arthritis had the greatest response! Since discovering this, we've delayed our launch in order to alert these audiences. 


We are now working on distributing our products and working on more great products for our customers!

Midwest Fulfillment Center

Thanks for checking us out! Contact Justin@clipgrip.fun for any questions.