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The Container Handle for Safer Drinking for Persons with Parkinson’s Disease (PD)


How invested are you in Parkinson’s disease safety tips? When you, or someone close to you, suffer from an illness such as Parkinson’s disease, also called PD, it usually is quite overwhelming.  

PD is characterized by general stiffness in body and limbs, uncontrollable tremors, difficulty in walking, swallowing when eating and drinking, and erratic sleeping habits. Sufferers in an advanced stage may be bed ridden and require assistance all the time.

Medical professionals are generally in agreement that PD is non-fatal, meaning that people rarely die from Parkinson’s; be that as it may, victims of the disease are vulnerable to hazards as a result of the severe limitations occasioned by this often incapacitating illness.

While this is unnerving, whether the sufferer is you, a spouse or some other family member, there are proactive ways to ensure a safe environment for all persons in any of the five stages of PD. These Parkinson’s disease safety tips may well make all the difference in promoting dignity and wellbeing for victims:

  • Make Bathrooms safer by modifying facilities to help PD sufferers. Provide grab rails to lessen the danger of slipping on tiles and wet floors. Most PD victims, who experience domestic accidents, do so in the bathroom.
  • Don’t keep throw rugs in common areas such as the living room as that is an accident waiting to happen, if someone in advanced stages of PD is in the home.
  • Supervise eating and drinking. PD victims may experience difficulty in swallowing, and this can result in fatality if airways are blocked.

One way families and care givers can immediately better the chances of risk-free intake of fluids by PD victims, is by taking advantage of a new innovation called Clip Grip.

Clip Drink is a versatile container handle accessory, which fits all sizes of drinking containers, and greatly assists the process of drinking for people with illnesses such as PD and other illnesses, which adversely affect motor skills and functions. Victims of Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy, and the elderly can get enormous benefits from using Clip Grip. Clip Grip significantly improves on safe drinking for victims of PD through the following attributes:

  • Clip Grip provides a handle that aids firmer gripping of the container. PD victims, because of stiffness in limbs, and also because of tremors, may often experience weak or inconsistent grip. The chances of spilling hot liquids such as tea or coffee are meaningfully higher when a firm grip is not kept on the handle at all times. Spills may also increase the likelihood of a fall.
  • Clip Grip fits all sizes of containers, meaning you don’t need to buy a new container, or change a loved mug or glass. This also helps savings, especially at a time when medical expenses may be eating into family finances. With Clip Grip you do not need expensive specialty cups.
  • Clip Grip is designed to meet the challenges that drinking liquids present to victims of motor skills impairment due to sickness. For PD patients, Clip Grip can, for instance, lessen the risks of possible injuries or fatalities through improper swallowing of fluids. Clip Grip does not eliminate these risks, but provides an efficient method for victims of PD to safely take a drink with little supervision. Overall, victims of PD are safer drinking with the assistance of a specialty drinking aid such as Clip Grip than they are drinking without one.    

These Parkinson’s disease safety tips are of course of an encouraging nature, and persons living with PD as well as near family should endeavor to read up more on the issues involved.

In the meanwhile, Clip Grip provides a reliable and safe drinking solution for you, or that loved one with Parkinson’s disease.

For more information, contact us now at:  Justin@clipgrip.fun

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