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Pain Free Drinking for Arthritis


Arthritis pain is a constant companion to millions who suffer from any of the many forms of Arthritis. It is certainly distressing when every day activities such as walking, writing, or even holding the hand of a loved individual, can be the source of extreme pain and discomfort.

Pain from an Arthritic condition is typically as a result of:

  • Inflammation in joints, which is the cause of swelling and redness.
  • Actual damage to tissues in the joints due to disease or wear and tear.
  • Finally, muscle strain brought about by worn-out muscles trying to shield joints from more pain due to movements.

Whatever the cause, be it inflammation, tissue damage, or muscle strain, Arthritis pain is a severe condition, which almost always requires strong medication in short to prolonged doses.

When pain from Arthritis is as a consequence of attempting to eat or drink, some of the fallouts may include hunger, thirst, anorexia, and mild to severe hydration because the body is not getting the amount of fluid it requires.  

Gripping cutleries and utensils is naturally difficult when joints are swollen and reddish, and patients may require assistance to eat, leading to embarrassment and a lowering of self esteem or self worth.  The same goes for inability to lift a drinking container to one’s mouth without help.

Clip Grip is an amazing aid, which is perfect for just such scenarios. Clip Grip is a handle attachment designed to fit any container. It is different from other such container handle accessories because of this universal quality: that it will fit any and every drinking cup, mug, bottle, or glass you own. With Clip Grip, there is no need to make a single additional purchase, such as for a suitable cup, after you do get it.

Originally designed as a social drinking accessory, Clip Grip has found enormous patronage amongst a wide community of persons living with conditions such as Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurological disorders. Persons with substantive nerve damage, as well as the elderly, have also recorded inspiring successes at gripping and lifting drink-ware with relatively ease and less discomfort. Clip Grip aids firmer gripping of all kinds of drink-ware and containers. It thus brings about some measure of dignity and increased confidence for persons who would otherwise need assistance for undertaking a task as simple as a taking a sip from a glass, bottle, or cup.


Pain free drinking for victims of this condition can only be a good thing, right? However, Clip Grip adds the further benefit of being Dishwasher safe. This means that unlike other handle attachments out there, Clip Grip can go straight into the wash, still firmly attached to your container, with the rest of your utensils, cups and plates. This totally cancels the agonizing process of frequent detaching and reattaching of handles again after a wash, and is a great relief to many persons who are diagnosed with Arthritis, and who perhaps live alone. The handle attachment is also ingeniously easy to install.


It doesn’t matter whether the issue is nerve damage, unsteadiness of limbs typical of Parkinson’s disease induced tremors, or unbearable Arthritis pain from one of the many types of Arthritis, Clip Grip is a fun, pain free way to stay hydrated and keep your confidence level in the ninetieth percentile. And it comes in many eye pleasing colors too!

Check out our store to get Clip Grip today!

Find out more about Clip Grip right now by sending an inquiry to Justin@clipgrip.fun    


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