I Can Drink all by Myself! Cerebral Palsy Drinking Aid


I Can Drink all by Myself!
(Giving your Cerebral Palsy Patients a small break.)

Would you be interested in an amazing Cerebral Palsy drinking aid? Victims of Cerebral Palsy or CP live with the condition all their lives. Cerebral Palsy typically affects children from ages 3 to 5. The patient can then live up to 70 years of age while remaining sufferers as Cerebral Palsy has no cure yet.

Due to the fact that this condition very often, leaves most persons diagnosed with CP less than able to manage completely alone, a person with Cerebral Palsy can witness a lifetime of care given by family or professional medical help provided by trained medical personnel.  The severity of the condition does vary from person to person, but a degree of supervision is needed occasionally even in mild cases.


This need for attention can regularly prompt feelings of depression over having to rely on others for a lot of things, such as dressing, visiting the bathroom, and eating and drinking. Some symptoms of CP include stiff movements, lack of coordination, drooling, spastic movements and spasms.


CP patients can however be taught to manage by themselves, leading to an increase in self confidence, and a better sense of value. One area significance progress can be made, is in the area of taking in food and liquids.


Using a great Cerebral Palsy drinking aid, persons with CP may be taught to take a drink by themselves. You can imagine what this accomplishment will mean to a person who has not been able to execute this before. How, do you ask?


Clip Grip is an innovative handle attachment for drinking containers, which has proven to be very successful in giving a measure of independence, while drinking fluids, to persons with CP. Other like persons are those with similar neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Arthritis, and elderly people with age related lack of coordination.


The advantages of Clip Grip include that it is adjustable and therefore fits all drink ware. This is why it is called a universal container handle accessory. The attachment is also dishwasher safe, thus ending the tedium of repeated detaching of the handle from the container during washing.


Tye, an 11 year old boy from Georgia diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, has achieved a fantastic feat by being able to take a drink without spilling it, by himself, unaided … well unless you count in Clip Grip.


Tye showed amazing dexterity in being able to drink from cups that he normally could not handle, including some that were formerly too large for him. Tye loved this experience of functioning as independently as his condition would allow.


There is no reason other persons of whatever age cannot witness the same improvement, given the right encouragement and training with Clip Grip. Such a victory might well encourage a trying out of other safe activities, resulting in a generally more optimistic view of life, and renewed determination to meet and conquer challenges.


If you are a care giver to a person living with CP, the introduction of this unique Cerebral Palsy drinking aid product to your ward or patient could well trigger a major change for the better, leaving your patient a far happier individual with a real feeling of personal accomplishment. The small bonus of finding a little time to put your own feet up, while not the primary objective, still would not be such an unwelcome plus.


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