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Easy Drinking for Special Needs



Are you in the market for drinking cups for special needs persons in your life or care? You need not go far to get one due to the proliferation of such articles.

Persons living with some form of neurological disorder or nerve damage, or even those disabled by accident, age or some other unforeseen event many times need some type of specialized equipment if they are to stay well hydrated and healthy. It takes thousands of man hours each year to provide all around the clock for a person with special needs. It can also be very expensive, especially if such care is contracted to a professional care giver.

Special drinking equipment provides some independence for people with a disability, or persons deficient in motor skills. These apparatus help the patients retain some form of personal dignity, as they are able to exercise some sort of control over this aspect of their lives. This is most important as self esteem is very crucial to balanced mental health. In addition, it gives the care giver some respite, which time can be channeled into leisure or rest, or some other necessary task. Such cups for special needs include:

  • Sippy Cups
  • Nose cut out Cups
  • Drinking Cups with spouts
  • 2 handled Cups
  • Sure grip Cups
  • Non spill Cups

Many other such containers exist. Accessories, which aid drinking, are:

  • Drinking Straws
  • Safe Straws
  • Cup Handles and attachments

Many of these drinking aids display a great degree of efficiency and innovation. Cup, mug and drinking container handles are of various sizes, shapes and types. They function as specialized handles which are attached to regular containers. The drawbacks  many handle attachments have, however, is the need to have quite a lot of them to fit the different sizes and shapes and types of drink ware typically present in a home. Many times their use necessitates an additional purchase of a new container, which can then be used with the attachment.

Many, such as those made from Velcro or some other material which is not dish washer safe, must be cleaned manually. This is sometimes something of a challenge for either special needs persons living alone, or even care givers, as it entails repeated removal and installment of the attachment.

Clip Grip handles all of these issues. Clip Grip is an innovative universal handle accessory, which fits any and every cup, mug and drinking container already in your home. Clip Grip does this by a proprietary clasp system utilizing a notched grip. When you purchase a Clip Grip, there is no need for additional purchases as it fits in right away with existing drink ware.


Amazingly, Clip Grip is also dishwasher safe. The frustration of frequent detachments and reattachments necessary with other handle accessories thus goes right out of the window. Clip Grip goes straight into the machine with your other items scheduled for cleaning. Clip Grip comes in exciting colors for aesthetics. Many persons living with conditions, which affect motor skills, such as Parkinson’s disease, Cerebral Palsy, Arthritis, or even old age related impairment, have found Clip Grip to tremendously improve their abilities to drink unaided. 


With Clip Grip you need no longer remain in the market for cups for special needs. You have a fun accessory, which does it all, with any drinking container, and is dishwasher safe too.

Guess this would be a great time to contact us for that order. You can reach a representative via Justin@clipgrip.fun 

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