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Drinking Socially with Parkinson's Disease


Who said drinking and Parkinson’s disease don’t mix? It is true Alcohol and Parkinson’s disease are a bad combination according to all medical research, but if you are one of the estimated one million persons affected by Parkinson’s disease in the United Sates, and seven to ten million worldwide, that doesn’t mean your drinking days are over. You can still hang out with friends and have a good time; it just won’t be bubbly in that glass.

Many people suffering from Parkinson’s as well as other neurological illnesses find their lives radically changed at the onset of the condition. Apart from the physical discomfort engendered by stiffness, tremors and a reduction in motor skills, patients can suffer mild to severe psychological effects when they no longer may take part in certain recreational activities. One of these is the relaxing custom of just hanging out socially with friends.

For persons living with Parkinson’s disease, or PD, and similar illnesses such as Arthritis and Cerebral Palsy, it is not the easiest thing to have a night on the town with friends or family. After all drinking and Parkinson’s are not words you would normally find spoken together. Also while many sufferers would welcome such a diversion from time to time, a significant number often require professional care givers or other special equipment to get by each day. One area where specialized equipment could be necessary for special needs persons is during a meal. Plates, cutleries and especially drinking aids are often required.

Many of these aids are however designed to be functional first, and often draw attention by their unique design. When you are out on such a rendezvous however, the last thing you need is just such a reminder, right? After all, one of the reasons you want such an outing is to forget you are living with PD, or Arthritis, Or Cerebral Palsy in the first place. How can you sip your non-Alcoholic drink in anonymity then?

Clip Grip comes to the rescue by providing the perfect solution. Clip Grip is a container handle attachment or accessory designed to fit any and every size of container. This is why Clip Grip is also tagged “universal”. Due to its unique design features, Clip Grip is finding great acceptance amongst persons with special drinking needs such as is habitual with people living with some form of motor skills impairment. It makes drinking easy for such persons with its sure grip, and adjustability.

How does Clip Grip help socially? Well, Clip Grip was initially designed as a fun handle attachment for social purposes and sports! It is simple in design, easy on the eyes, not clunky or queer-shaped, and just all manners of fun. It also comes in really great colors. The likely question anyone will ask if they do notice your Clip Grip handle accessory, is where they can get one for themselves- and not for medical reasons.

In addition, Clip Grip can continue its amazing functionality back at home, where it, as mentioned previously, can attach to all your existing drink-ware, and to boot, is dishwasher safe.

Did we mention the price is awesome too?

Now that you can safely say drinking and Parkinson’s in one sentence, lace up your boots for that dinner, or a turn at the bar. Clip Grip has totally got your back.

Contact us now using Justin@clipgrip.fun  or visit http://www.clipgrip.fun/products/clip-grip

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