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Drink more, Spill Less: Help for Arthritis and the Elderly

Quality of life does seem to depreciate when you are a victim of Arthritis, age or any number of medical or age related conditions, which impair or severely limit motor functions.

Arthritis is a condition characterized by pain in the joints, as well as swelling, and stiffness. As a direct result of this, persons diagnosed with the condition often experience a reduction in normal dexterity, which can make everyday things like sipping from a cup without spilling any fluid, an agonizing, often awkward chore.

Arthritis recognizes no age barriers; sufferers are as likely to be children as well as adults. More than a quarter of a million children suffer from a type of Arthritis in the USA. While Arthritic pain and discomfort is serious at any age, in the elderly, sadly, the circumstance of the patient can become much worse due to other either non-medical or medical conditions usually associated with age. Most people above the age of 65 have or will develop a form Arthritis called Osteoarthritis (OA) in some degree. Osteoarthritis (OA), more than any form of the condition, is considered degenerative and linked with advanced age.    

Whether impairment is a consequence of Arthritis, age or some other health related condition such as cerebral palsy, simple tasks that entail holding, gripping, or light weight lifting can become uphill tasks leading to pain, frustration, and sometimes embarrassment. When the object to be held or gripped is a cup, mug, glass or other container containing enervating liquid such as water or a beverage, the inability to handle it may also result in mild to serious cases of dehydration.

Specialty cups and containers exist to help victims of the disorder or age related stiffness, imbibe life-giving fluids, however many of these aids may cause some social distress, as they often draw attention to the user due to their specialty designs. Also they may require short or long periods of training in order to be used well.

Clip Grip is a handle accessory that is designed to work with all drinking containers, and transforms the formerly tedious task of gripping containers by Arthritic patients or the Elderly, into the straight forward everyday function it usually is.

The advantages of Clip Grip are:

  • It is completely adjustable to any size of drinking container. Using Clip Grip, one size doesn’t just fit all, it is made to, using the adjustable clip or holder.
  • It is Dish washer safe. Good bye to exerting extra energy and risking possible extra pain, as you routinely get the non-machine washable handles off your favorite container. With Clip Grip, getting clean containers is as easy as popping them into the dish water, the way it is meant to be.
  • The only purchase you need to make is Clip Grip. No need for new containers or cups. Use what you have and love, by taking advantage of Clip Grip’s amazing utility.
  • For outdoor use, Clip Grip allows you to just hang easily lost items such as keys directly from the handle or clip itself.

With Clip Grip, you can lead a near normal life even when living with life changing conditions such as Arthritis, age or cerebral palsy. You should make that purchase today for yourself or a loved one who is a victim. No more wet chins. Hello cool poise. Hello Clip Grip.

Check out our store to get Clip Grip today!

Contact us now at:  Justin@clipgrip.fun 

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