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Combating Dehydration from Arthritis Pain


Having a debilitating illness such as Arthritis is bad enough, so when Arthritis pain and dehydration combine, it can make life extremely harsh. 

Arthritis is an illness of the joints and the muscles, and symptoms can include pain in the joints, and often also, swelling, stiffness, and general difficulty in moving, holding, and doing a lot of other everyday activities. As a consequence of Arthritis, persons diagnosed with this condition often experience a great deal of discomfort, which can make daily tasks like gardening, eating or drinking a most painful exercise. 

Although old people tend to suffer more from certain types of Arthritis, the condition is no respecter of age and attacks person of all ages, including children. 

300, 000 children in the USA are diagnosed currently with one form of Arthritis or the other. No matter the age of the sufferer, this remains a most uncomfortable illness. Arthritis can be managed or treated with:

  • Analgesics.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Counterirritants. 
  • Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) 
  • Biologic response modifiers.
  • Corticosteroids.

Arthritis can also be treated with therapies such as cold and hot therapies, and for some cases,  surgery can be an option. Persons living with any of the several types of Arthritis need to see a doctor,  who will determine the best course of treatment. 

Persons living with Arthritis can experience pain when they try to lift or grip a drinking container to take a drink. This can discourage normal drinking habits and lead to drying out. It is important that the body at all times be well hydrated, thus this difficulty can lead to Arthritis pain and dehydration.

Of course drinking aids help Arthritis patients  in this regard by providing assistance in drinking. Many of these come as either variations of cups, containers or handle attachments. Cups such as Sippy Cups, cup with spouts or long straws are designed to be used directly in drinking.  Handle attachments on the other hand, are designed to fit containers in the home. Due to the possibilities of failure to fit drink-ware already used in the home, many handle accessories need new, suitably sized containers to be purchased.

Clip Grip is a universal handle attachment which goes a step farther by fitting any container in the home. You only need to attach Clip Grip using the unique clip system. Clip Grip makes secondary purchases redundant. Clip Grip has a wide grip making it a painless process for Arthritic patients to take a drink. Since Clip Grip is dishwasher safe also, cleaning the accessory is as easy as dunking it in the washer.  

Arthritis pain, and dehydration resulting from it can be avoided by the use of an aid such as Clip Grip. Clip Grip comes in a choice of pigments and is affordable. It can be installed in a very short time also. Many persons living with Arthritis and other illnesses that hamper motor skills, have found this handle attachment to be an absolute delight.

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