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Arthritis Exercise Equipment and Drinking Aid


Arthritis is a condition that many times requires some physiotherapy, which can entail the use of special Arthritis exercise equipment for maximum benefits. Many types of Arthritic cases can and do benefit from supervised as well as unsupervised exercise sessions.

Arthritis is a condition characterized by painful swelling of joints, appendages and other parts of the body. Arthritis is not age specific, although some types of Arthritis, such as Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis are more common amongst people aged 65 and older. When the joints become stiff as a result of inflammation or tired and cramped muscles arising from the condition, it can be very painful to move them, or grip objects. Exercise is usually quite painful in these conditions.

Be that as it may, physiotherapy has helped millions of people living with any form of Arthritis, and is still a popular way medical personnel manage and treat the illness. Exercises that can help patients include:

  • Neck and back aerobics which keep the spine supple
  • Motion exercises such as walking and movement of limbs
  • Swimming and other water physiotherapy

Arthritis patients sometimes require special exercise gear or Arthritis exercise equipment such as:

  • Stationary Bikes
  • Treadmills
  • Elliptical Machines
  • Rowing Machines
  • Ankle Weights
  • Resistance Bands.
  • Yoga Mat.
  • Cotton Strap

When exercising, especially in serious cases of the condition, it is advised that a professional physiotherapist be on hand to keep the patient from exercise induced injury. Arthritic patients are often suffering from mild to severe muscle cramps, joints stiffness and swellings. Wrong use of specialized equipment can make the patient worse.

Hydration is of course a very important part of any exercise routine. Persons who are engaging in all forms of aerobics must replenish water and electrolytes lost through sweating. Electrolytes include sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium. It is important to drink lots of water during exercise to make up for this loss. Other fluids such as energizing drinks may also help reach exercise or aerobic goals.

For persons with Arthritis, staying hydrated may not always be as easy as grabbing the nearest water bottle or drink. Pain and discomfort resulting from inflammation and swelling can make gripping and lifting water containers extremely difficult. Specialty cups that usually ease the drinking process for Arthritis persons are not always suitable for outdoor environments such as a park, or even some indoor exercise places like a crowded gym. Persons who jog will often hang their water bottle on their bodies.

Clip Grip is a drinking aid, which takes care of this challenge efficiently. Clip Grip is a handle attachment or accessory which fits all bottles, cups, mugs or other drinking containers. You need only attach this equipment to your favorite water bottle and you are ready to go.

Many persons living with Arthritis find Clip Grip an excellent drinking Aid even at home, as it is designed to enhance gripping for persons with poor motor skills. It also is useful for hanging stuff you can lose, such as keys.

Clip Grip is thus a prudent part of your Arthritis exercise equipment which will keep you hydrated in a painless, efficient manner.

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