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A Drinking Companion for your Old Age


Old age is a beautiful thing, but sometimes the challenges of being a senior can require special gear, including drinking aids for elderly people. Many of the elderly in our midst often require care either occasionally, or around the clock. Old age is usually challenging for the simple reasons that the body is not as limber as it used to be, muscles are generally not as strong,  and natural functions are generally slower,  weaker, and less precise.

When age specific disease such as osteoarthritis are factored into the equation, the stake exponentially increase.  Osteoarthritis is a form of Arthritis caused by natural wear and tear of the muscles and joints. More than half of people, 65 and older,  living in the USA have a form of Arthritis. Although persons with Arthritis can live fairly normal lives, some cases require specialized care. 

In older persons,  Arthritis further complicates age -related challenges. Elderly people with Arthritis or some other motor skills degrading illness need specialized gear to carry out the most commonplace activities.

Eating and drinking is a crucial and often painful challenge when age, or age compounded by sickness, makes gripping and lifting a painful or just difficult function.

Many special equipment for eating, like drinking aids for elderly folks, are either expensive or require additional  expenditure for further complimentary purchases. Since many seniors are on a fixed income, additional and needless expenses are not ever welcomed. A lot of aids are tricky or even hazardous to effectively clean and maintain by old people. 

Drinking Aids include cups as well as container handles accessories or attachments such as Clip Grip. Clip Grip is a moderately priced drinking aids that can meaningfully reduce the cost in procuring appropriate aids to drinking for the elderly, while being efficient and easy to use. Clip Grip is a universal container handle attachment or accessory, which can fit every size of drink-ware or container for liquids in the home. 

Clip Grip is currently being used by many older citizens with poor grip,  as well as by persons with neurological illnesses, which affects motor skills or coordination. Clip Grip has a wide grip,  making it easy to lift and grip. Person with Arthritis, whether old or young, persons suffering from Parkinson's disease, Cerebral Palsy, and other nerve damage afflicted persons have found Clip Grip an easy,  relatively pain free solution to the former ordeal of drinking. 

In addition, Clip Grip is dishwasher safe. This makes it possible for the container carrying the handle accessory to go "as is" into the dishwasher. Many handle accessories do not have this feature, necessitating frequent and troublesome removal for washing or cleaning to be done. The attachment then needs to be reattached. For the elderly, this can be most inconvenient. For elderly people who have the added challenge of painful hands due to complications arising from disease, mild inconvenience then transforms into serious pain.

Clip Grip comes in attractive colors to suit any kitchen décor, and is also easy for elderly persons with mild vision impairments to spot easily. 

Clip Grip is one of the dependable drinking aids for elderly persons today. You can make it a sure companion, by contacting us at: Justin@clipgrip.fun to place an order,  or get more information or alternatively you may visit http://www.clipgrip.fun/products/clip-grip

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